Reference Implementation of XBRL-based Digital Financial Report (2016 Version)

This resource provides a high-quality working prototype of a digital financial report that has been rigorously tested and deliberately created to help determine the best way to create such structured reports. The XBRL-based information has been validated to be correct using four different commercial software tools. Documentation is provided for this digital financial report in both human-readable and machine-readable form. All machine-readable information is XBRL-based. You can load this XBRL instance into a digital financial report viewing application. You can upload this ZIP file to the SEC Previewer application. Additional information is provided at each of these tabs.

NOTE: There are TWO EFM errors caused by my adding a commentary and mapping linkbases to this report. This will render using the SEC previewer.


Human-readable: PDF | Machine-readable: (Click on 'Files' tab)

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