Label: Roll Up
Name: RollUp
Documentation: A Roll Up is a type of concept arrangement pattern which represents a basic roll up type mathematical relationship: Fact A + Fact B + Fact C = Fact D (a set of items and a total).
Category: ConceptArrangementPattern
Commentary: A roll up is exactly the same thing as a member aggregation only that the member aggregation is represented using a different syntax choice.
Human readable example: http://xbrlsite.azurewebsites.net/DigitalFinancialReporting/ConceptArrangementPatterns/2017-05-07/02-RollUp/Index.html
Technical example: http://xbrlsite.azurewebsites.net/2019/Prototype/conformance-suite/Production/1000-ConceptArangementPatterns/02-RollUp/02-TestCase-RollUp.xml
For more information: http://xbrlsite.azurewebsites.net/2017/IntelligentDigitalFinancialReporting/Part02_Chapter05.7_UnderstandingConceptArrangementPatternsMemberArrangementPatterns.pdf