Disclosure Information: Retained Earnings Adjustments, by Adjustment [Roll Up]
Label: Retained Earnings Adjustments, by Adjustment [Roll Up]
Name: RetainedEarningsAdjustments
Parent Topic: Equity
Documentation: Disclosure of the cumulative effect on retained earnings of adjustments, which includes changes in accounting principle, new accounting pronouncements, and correction of errors.
Commentary: It seems as though you would use one of these [Axis], not all three.
Level: Detail
Concept arrangement pattern: [Roll Up]
Completion state: WIP
Exemplars: 3 examples
Taxonomy Network: http://fasb.org/us-gaap/role/disclosure/Equity

Prototype for disclosure: Machine Readable
Line Label Object Class (Data type) Period Type Balance Report Element Name
1 Retained Earnings Adjustments [Table] Table us-gaap:ScheduleOfRetainedEarningsAdjustmentsTable
2 Legal Entity [Axis] Axis dei:LegalEntityAxis
3 Consolidated Entity [Domain] Member dei:EntityDomain
4 Adjustments for New Accounting Pronouncements [Axis] Axis us-gaap:AdjustmentsForNewAccountingPronouncementsAxis
5 Type of Adoption [Domain] Member us-gaap:TypeOfAdoptionMember
6 Adjustments for New Accounting Pronouncement [Member] Member us-gaap:NewAccountingPronouncementMember
7 Accounting Standards Update 2009-08 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate200908Member
8 Accounting Standards Update 2009-10 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate200910Member
9 Accounting Standards Update 2009-15 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate200915Member
10 Accounting Standards Update 2009-16 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate200916Member
11 Accounting Standards Update 2009-17 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate200917Member
12 Accounting Standards Update 2010-01 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201001Member
13 Accounting Standards Update 2010-02 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201002Member
14 Accounting Standards Update 2010-03 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201003Member
15 Accounting Standards Update 2010-08 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201008Member
16 Accounting Standards Update 2010-11 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201011Member
17 Accounting Standards Update 2010-13 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201013Member
18 Accounting Standards Update 2010-15 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201015Member
19 Accounting Standards Update 2010-16 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201016Member
20 Accounting Standards Update 2010-17 [Member] Member us-gaap:AccountingStandardsUpdate201017Member
21 EITF 06-4 [Member] Member us-gaap:EITF064Member
22 EITF 08-3 [Member] Member us-gaap:EITF083Member
23 FAS 158 [Member] Member us-gaap:FAS158Member
24 FAS 159 [Member] Member us-gaap:FAS159Member
25 FAS 163 [Member] Member us-gaap:FAS163Member
26 FSP FAS 115-2 and FAS 124-2 [Member] Member us-gaap:FSPFAS1152AndFAS1242Member
27 Fair Value Option Election for Variable Interest Entity [Member] Member us-gaap:FairValueOptionElectionForVariableInterestEntityMember
28 Cumulative-Effect Adjustment, Consolidation of Variable Interest Entity [Member] Member us-gaap:CumulativeEffectAdjustmentConsolidationOfVariableInterestEntityMember
29 Cumulative-Effect Adjustment, Deconsolidation of Variable Interest Entity [Member] Member us-gaap:CumulativeEffectAdjustmentDeconsolidationOfVariableInterestEntityMember
30 Adjustments for New Accounting Principle, Early Adoption [Member] Member us-gaap:AdjustmentsForNewAccountingPrincipleEarlyAdoptionMember
31 Adjustments for Change in Accounting Principle [Axis] Axis us-gaap:AdjustmentsForChangeInAccountingPrincipleAxis
32 Adjustments for Change in Accounting Principle [Domain] Member us-gaap:ChangeInAccountingPrincipleMember
33 Adjustments for Error Corrections [Axis] Axis us-gaap:ErrorCorrectionsAndPriorPeriodAdjustmentsRestatementByRestatementPeriodAndAmountAxis
34 Adjustments for Error Correction [Domain] Member us-gaap:AdjustmentsForErrorCorrectionDomain
35 Retained Earnings Adjustments [Line Items] LineItems us-gaap:RetainedEarningsAdjustmentsLineItems
36 Cumulative Effect on Retained Earnings, Net of Tax [Roll Up] Abstract us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsNetOfTaxAbstract
37 Cumulative Effect on Retained Earnings, before Tax Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsBeforeTax
38 Cumulative Effect on Retained Earnings, Tax Concept (Monetary) As Of Debit us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsTax
39 Cumulative Effect on Retained Earnings, Net of Tax, Total Concept (Monetary) As Of Credit us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsNetOfTax

Business Rules for Disclosure: Controlled Natural Language
Rules for disclosure: disclosures:RetainedEarningsAdjustments 
This disclosure:

   - MUST be represented as the Concept Arrangement Pattern: cm:RollUp
   - MUST be represented as using the Level 3 Disclosure [Text Block]: us-gaap:ScheduleOfRetainedEarningsAdjustmentsTableTextBlock
   - MUST contain the Level 4 Detailed concept: us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsNetOfTax1

Business Rules for Disclosure: Machine-Readable
From Arcrole (predicate) To
disclosures:RetainedEarningsAdjustments drules-arcroles:disclosure-equivalentTextblock us-gaap:ScheduleOfRetainedEarningsAdjustmentsTableTextBlock
disclosures:RetainedEarningsAdjustments drules-arcroles:disclosure-hasConceptArrangementPattern cm:RollUp
disclosures:RetainedEarningsAdjustments drules-arcroles:disclosure-requiresConcept us-gaap:CumulativeEffectOnRetainedEarningsNetOfTax1

Exemplars for Disclosure: Machine-Readable
Entity Name and Text Block or Detailed Disclosure


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