Topic: Inventory
Label: Inventory
Name: Inventory
Parent: FinancialStatementAccounts
DefinedBy: https://asc.fasb.org/topic&trid=2126998
Reference: ASC 330
Disclosures: General and Administrative Costs in Inventory [Hierarchy] | Inventory, Current [Table Text Block] (DO NOT USE, DUPLICATE) | Inventory Details [Hierarchy] | Inventory Note [Note Level] | Inventory, LIFO Reserve, Effect on Income, Net [Roll Up] | Inventory, Net, Classification by Industry Alternative [Roll Up] | Inventory, Net, Combining Work in Process and Raw Materials Alternative [Roll Up] | Inventory, Net, Items Net of Reserve Alternative [Roll Up] | Inventory, Net (Current) [Roll Up] | Inventory, Noncurrent [Table Text Block] (DO NOT USE, DUPLICATE) | Inventory, Noncurrent [Roll Up] | LIFO Method Related Items [Hierarchy]
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