Topic: LeasesCapital
Label: Leases-Capital
Name: LeasesCapital
Parent: BroadTransactionalCategories
DefinedBy: https://asc.fasb.org/subtopic&trid=2209026
Reference: ASC 840
Disclosures: Capital Leased Assets, Details by Asset Type [Roll Up] | Capital Lease Obligations [Roll Up] | Capital Leases, Balance Sheet, Assets by Major Class, Net [Roll Up] | Future Minimum Payments, Present Value of Net Minimum Payments, Noncancelable Capital Leases, Lessor [Roll Up] | Future Minimum Payments Receivable of Capital Leases, Lessor [Roll Up] | Capital Leases, Income Statement, Lease Revenue, Income Statement of Lessor [Roll Up] | Capital Leases, Income Statement of Lessee [Hierarchy] | Capital Leases in Financial Statements of Lessee Note [Note Level] | Capital Leases of Lessor in Financial Statements Note [Note Level] | Capital Leases, Net Investment in Direct Financing and Sales Type Leases [Roll Up] | Capital Leases of Lessee [Hierarchy] | Leases, Capital [Hierarchy]
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