Welcome to the human-readable and machine-readable knowledge graph for PROOF. This free open source resource enables software engineers to understand how to create supercharged software applications related to PROOF or other financial reporting schemes represented using XBRL. It is based on a proven, best-practices, global standard method.

PROOF Knowledge Graph

This XBRL-based machine-readable information essentially forms a knowledge graph. The PROOF Knowledge Graph is a set of terms, structures, assocations, and rules that are used to build models and report facts per those models.

The following is a quick reference to information provided within this human-readable and machine-readable knowledge graph.

Technical Basics

The following is important basic technical information that will help get software engineers started. For a good book see The XBRL Book: Simple, Precise, Techical.

Information Helpful in Using Theory, Framework, and Method

The following information is helpful in understanding and using the theory, framework, and method that drive XBRL-based digital financial reporting:

Pacioli Toolkit/Platform and Tool to Scrutinize XBRL-based Digital Financial Report

Pacioli is a logic toolkit/platform for working with XBRL-based digital fiancial reports. Pacioli is a web service constructed using SWI Prolog, leverages my theory, framework, and method for interacting with XBRL-based financial reports.

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