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# Business use case title Description Visual image
1. 110000-001-BalanceSheetClassified Basic classified balance sheet
2. 310000-001-CashAndCashEquivalentsComponents Components of cash and cash equivalents
3. 330000-001-AccountsReceivable Basic disclosure for the breakdown of components of accounts receivable
4. 331000-001-FinanceCosts Components of finance costs
5. 340000-001-InventoryComponents Basic disclosure for the breakdown of components of inventory
6. 500000-001-BankOverdraftAndLoan Components of bank overdraft and loans
7. 770000-001-IncomeTaxExpenseComponents Income tax provision (benefit) components broken out by jurisdiction and then by current/deferred
8. 777000-001-ChangesInProvisionWarranty Basic disclosure for the roll forward (movement) of warranty provision accrual.
9. 800000-001-Revenue Components of revenue


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