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This set of web pages provides information relating to OMG's Standard Business Report Model (SBRM) and implementing that model using XBRL. For a list of all information, please go to the INDEX page.

SBRM formally documents a logical conceptulization of a business report in both human-readable and machine-readable models. For more information see Standard Business Report Model (SBRM). The focus here is on financial reports which is a specialization of a business report. SBRM will replace my information conceptualization of a business report, Open Source Framework for Implementing XBRL-based Digital Financial Reporting.

OMG describes SBRM as follows: Organizations exchange information. Artificial intelligence, distributed ledgers, and machine-readable structured information offer unprecedented opportunities to automate many information exchanges within and between organizations. Furthermore, in most countries, organizations are required to submit formal information to one or more regulators regarding their business or financial performance, compliance and exposure. These have traditionally been as documents that use standard forms or templates defined by each regulator.

Recent years have seen the emergence of Standard Business Reporting, an approach that supplements traditional form-based documents with machine-readable versions containing structured data of the same content. The structured data, with identifiable fields (as opposed to electronic 'e-paper' documents in formats like PDF), is important to allow the data to be stored, analyzed and compared. The widely-accepted standard for business information exchange is XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), which allows the definition of different report structures based on the tagged markup language, XML (eXtensible Markup Language). SBRM builds on XBRL, further increasing its usability and applicability, by formally documenting a logical conceptualization of a business report in both human-readable and machine-readable models.

This document, Special Theory of Machine-based Automated Communication of Semantic Information of Financial Statements explains what is trying to be achieved and more importantly HOW to achieve it.

Overview of SBRM for Business Professionals and Technical Professionals

Very basic examples of implementing XBRL using SBRM

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Some of the Supporters of SBRM

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